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Looking for a well-paid and permanent occupation in the sphere of digital photo editing? This company is just for you, as we are in need of talented and enthusiastic editors to become our would-be colleagues. Below you may see the list of all vacancies which you can apply for.


Photo Retouching Job
If you want to receive photo retoucher job in our company, all you need to do is to sign up and do your best at filling in your personal information. We are looking for only the best candidates.
Product Retouching Job
Product Retouching Job is crucial for e-commerce since it evolves alterations of product photos by means of professional photo color correction, improvements, drawbacks eliminations and various touching-ups.
Color Correction Job (LR)
If you have great potential and work skillfully with color correction services, we are waiting for you. We suggest Color Correction Job (LR) away from home with a good salary.
Landscape Photo Editing Job
We are looking for digital artists who will be responsible for Landscape Photo Editing Job. We are interested in people for online retouching job who will not be afraid to develop their image improving skills by accepting new information almost all working time.
Portrait Photo Retouching Job
Portrait retouching is an advanced photo improving process with the professional help of editing softwares and various appearance enhancing options. If you know how to deal with Portrait Photo Retouching Job, sign in right now.
Basic Retouching Job
Despite the small number of applied editing techniques, impressive Basic Retouching Level is a rather popular enhancing service. That’s why we need people who will do Basic Retouching Job online away from home.
High End Retouching Job
High End Retouching Job requires solid knowledge in the most used image improving programs, ability to adjust to all working surroundings and a great talent to communicate and understand the demands of different fashion photographers.
Digital Drawings Job
We are waiting for your CV and the best retouched images for Digital Drawings Job in our online service. Read about all necessary steps that will definitely double your chance in the competition provided by our firm.
Photo Manipulation Job
Editors, who have selected Photo Manipulation Job, must be able to create really unique pictures with the help of inventiveness and crazy imagination. Try yourself right now.
Nude Retouching Job
If you have decided to get this Nude Retouching Job, you should touch upon the task of body improving, you must be skillful in advanced body reshaping or sliming, complete cellulite removing and height changing.
B&W Photo Editing Job
B&W Photo Editing Job embraces various editing techniques connected with color correction, contrast fixing, adding sharpness, creating harsher lights or darks and so on.
Clipping Path Job
We need professionals specialized in Photoshop. We offer Clipping Path Job which is applied when there is a need to cut out objects from photographed backdrop.
Real Estate Retouching Job
We need a person for the Real Estate Retouching Job to edit photos which depicts real estate, property or homes for sale. You will deal with real estate image enhancement, perspective correction, color cast removal, and items removal.
Jewelry Retouching Job
Jewelry Retouching Job in our company is focused on retouching photos for commercial purposes and this fact determines the range of clients. Feel free to send your CVs and start collaborating with us.
HDR Photo Editing Job
We offer HDR Photo Editing Job for professional photo editors from the whole world. Find out all requirements and important editing tasks that can be solved by applying HDR image improving.
Wedding Photo Editing Job
Wedding Photo Editing Job contains special editing techniques of improving or complete changing pictures in which various parts of this solemn celebration are captured. Need work away from home – send you CV right now.
Pro Retouching Job
Pro Retouching Job contains various editing brunches such as wrinkle or scars retouching and stray hair removing. If you experienced enough for this position, we are waiting for your CV.
Extra Level Retouching Job
Extra level of professional photo editing is the most difficult kind of modern post-production ways. If you are a brave and professional artist, don’t hesitate to send you CV for Extra Level Retouching Job.
Old Photo Restoration Job
If you have an eye for Old Photo Restoration Job, we are waiting exactly for you. We are looking for the professional photo editor and suggest the position of old photo restoration retoucher.
Photo Montage Job
Photo Montage Job provided by our service can be divided into technical and creative image manipulation. The first type of it suggests beauty retouch, correction of colors, adjusting shadows or tones and complete skin post-production.
Ad Editing Job
We are looking for photo retoucher who can be responsible for Ad Editing Job in our company. It includes the operations for ongoing released projects for direct mail, newspaper, magazine, special projects and private brand packaging.
Newborn Retouching Job
Newborn Retouching Job requires from people really tremendous amount of patience and willingness to solve all possible photo mistakes.


With only one click you will get more information about every position that seems appealing to you. In case you have already decided what editing job you would like to choose, we are waiting for your application. Remember that you should submit the most comprehensive and honest information about yourself in your application form. The more information you will describe the more chances you will have to get exactly wanted position in our retouching company. Still that is not the only requirement you will have to follow in case you are eager to work with us. After your application form is ready, we demand to download your best edited photos to one of these presented positions. We promise to assess the quality of your outcomes thoroughly. You may offer your retouched works to several positions simultaneously, but finally you will be able to get only one job. So, before applying you must think thoroughly in order not to make a crucial mistake. If you are still hesitating about what editing job will be the most suitable exactly you, we recommend you to look through more articles posted on our website. Definitely you will find all required info as well as answers to possible questions. 

Free Lightroom Presets Download

We hope that from this diverse list of potential retouching positions you will be able to find exactly perfect one to become your permanent job. All of them are quite prestigious and highly-demanded among talented would-be specialists that are eager to work in the sphere of digital photo improving. Every editing job presented above has a range of peculiarities that make it special. Certainly, every retouching occupation requires using a specific number of picture enhancing options. In case you are not sure to what position you will suit the best, we have posted various articles about every occupation you may get there. We have tried to create as detailed jobs descriptions as possible in order for you not to have any questions concerning future occupation. Still if you have some additional questions, you may contact us and find all necessary answers. We promise to do everything to help you in clarifying all demanded details. Moreover, we recommend you to read our retouching blog, as there you will find a wide range of captivating articles about all possible photo editing spheres and popular tendencies. We are sure that modern photo manipulators need to be aware of the latest photo trends and up-to-date picture making equipment. That will make you competitive among other editors that will apply for the same retouching position. Want to be a definite winner? Your destiny lies in your hands only. Do not lose it or you will definitely regret about your indecision for the rest of your life. 

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Please find below a list of current vacancies for Fixthephoto team.

Title Closing Date
HDR Photo Editing Job June 30, 2017
Photo Montage Job June 30, 2017
Nude Retouching Job July 31, 2017
Old Photo Restoration Job July 31, 2017



 For full details concerning a particular vacancy, please click on the links provided in the column “Title”.